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"More in My Heart is an album filled with lush spice, soul, and everything jazz inbetween." ....."Al has surrounded himself with a fine group of players that know how to play off each other and have the ability to catch every musical nuance that pops up..."
Music Monthly
May 2004

"With a varied musical interests, a rich appealing tone and fluid technique, Maniscalco possesses a heart as that comes across in the music he plays, one that is reflected in the title of the CD.  ...More In My Heart is a triumph of emotionalism over intellectualism"
March 2004
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"Maniscalco is one player and composer who just loves the subtlety of the slower cadences, where a carefully considered solo makes more out of less, and his own compositions and arrangements nicely open up space for his able sidemen"
-Baltimore City Paper review of "More in My Heart"
August 2003
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Post writer Mike Joyce says of Al Maniscalco's new album "Live at Tidings Park"
"...each of the tunes allows the gifted reedman and his bandmates plenty of room to stretch out and create a distinctive mood.....Maniscalco reprises 'I'll be Seeing You' in a robust fashion that evokes images of tenor titan Sonny Rollins..."
-The Washington Post
March 2, 2001

"LIVE AT TIDINGS PARK....starts the set with a blazing extended solo by Maniscalco that recalls at times Coltrane and is worth remembering the name should Al Maniscalco and his band come to play in your neighborhood.."
February 2001

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"Blowing through Hong Kong for one gig only will be Al Maniscalco, ace horn player and another Jazz Club 'find'. Maniscalco has paid his dues, but with his reputation growing, it looks like his ship has come in."
-24/7 South China Morning Post
November 2000

"Packin' Clubs: Saxophonist Al Maniscalco's Quartet leads the city's only jazz jam session..."
November 2000

"Branford Marsalis's show at Blues Alley...ending the evening with a leisurely blues that featured a fine cameo by tenor saxophonist Al Maniscalco"
-The Washington Post
April 12, 1999

"He has a group of musicians that are all on the same wave length musically and that's what gives the band a cohesive blend and tight sound....His group is definitely something to check out. They have a sophisticated sound that every jazz fan can relate to.."
-Music Monthly
September 1998

"Some 600 cassette tapes later, we have our winners in the Great South Florida Sound Search. Jazz: Al Maniscalco.."
-The Miami Herald
September 1992

"He's obviously got some talent, got an ear"
-The Miami Herald
September 1992

"Ah, the sweet, impeccably executed improvisational tenor saxophone excursions of Al Maniscalco was just what I needed...I got in a relaxed groove with Al Maniscalco's mellow tenor sax tone and intelligent improvisations to a A list of standards...Al Maniscalco will move on to bigger venues.."
-First Coast Entertainer
September 1991


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